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Darcy Taylor, an amateur sleuth with a penchant for the paranormal, knows something isn't quite right in the town of Dawsonville. Mysterious disappearances, urban legends that rival Maine and recently dropped bodies with puncture wounds that look curiously like a vampire's bite—Darcy's determined to prove it.

Violet Moonblood, burdened by the vampiric life that's never suited her and haunted by visions of a town—a woman—she doesn't know, can't shake the feeling that something terrible is coming and somehow, she's involved. With no other choice, Violet follows her visions to Dawsonville and to the woman she can't stop thinking about.

It doesn't take long for everything to fall apart when Violet bites Darcy, inadvertently turning Darcy into her human familiar, forcing them into an alliance neither of them wants. As they grudgingly work together to uncover the truth—and resist their growing feelings for one another—they discover that there is more to Violet's visions than meets the eye—a coven of long-dead witches, vampires with a dark agenda, and betrayals that cut deep.

Haunting isn't easy when you're more Casper than creepy.

Xi Delta's former sorority house mother, Billie McKenna, is in a spectral pickle. Newly departed after a ghastly initiation gone awry and utterly clueless about the art of haunting—Billie quickly learns that being a ghost is more complicated than it looks. To make matters worse, she can't leave the house and has no idea why.

Enter disgraced parapsychologist Daniel Thornburg—a gorgeous grump with a chip on his shoulder. He has enough to worry about in the land of the living, like salvaging his reputation. Now the owner of Xi Delta house and its ghostly inhabitant, he sees an opportunity to delve into the depths of the paranormal, using Billie as a conduit to the spirit world.

In return, he promises to help Billie with her lack of ghostly know-how.

As they navigate failed haunting attempts and unearth the sorority's dark secrets, Billie and Daniel are drawn together in ways they never imagined and could never work. In no time, the line between the living and the dead becomes dangerously blurred.

In the quaint Midwest town of Windermere, leaves whisper secrets, and snow dances across ancient tombstones; strangers—children's fantasy author Buffy Kinderman and paranormal tour guide Dawson Quinn—find themselves accidentally married in the middle of a cemetery.

What was supposed to be Windermere's newest spooky-themed Christmas attraction becomes a haunted love affair for Buffy and Dawson as a spectral thread binds their souls together, inexplicably linked in a union that is anything but ordinary. Windermere's powers-to-be are known for their skeevy and unwanted magic, but this time, it's gone too far.

If there is one thing Buffy and Dawson agree on, it's that a marriage built on magic can't last, and their plan to divorce by Christmas is easier said than done. The bonds of matrimony are not easily severed when the supernatural is at play. Mischievous entities to ancient curses, if only that were their biggest problem.

Soon, Buffy and Dawson face a new dilemma: the magical connection that brought them together begins to evolve into something more profound.

Bethany Weaver embarked on her writing journey way too early in life, penning alien smut that would make E.T. blush. Now, she dabbles in both contemporary and paranormal romances, keeping the literary scales perfectly aligned.

When she's not concocting love stories, you can find her being a mom of three, juggling the chaos. But that's not all—she's also the undisputed queen of literary badassery as the head honcho over at Weaver Literary.

Meet Bethany


A walk down memory lane

Born in the cold month of December.

Fell off the stage at her high school graduation.



Declared Adam Sandler the love of her life.


Realized she can, in fact, eat a whole bag of cheese in a day.



There was definitely some stuff that happened here but she is not entirely sure what.


Started her own Literary Agency (she's a grown up now)

Sabrina is no stranger to the Halloween pranks played around Grimsby, Indiana in the month of October. In fact, she is the recipient of nearly all of them. Usually, she would laugh it off and spend the rest of the month looking over her shoulder anxiously awaiting the next scare. But not this year. She’s ready to fight prank with prank…starting with her best friend and Grimsby High’s favorite history teacher: Mr. October.

Looking for something a little lighter?

- goodreads reviewer

"It's not often that I get giddy over books but OH MY GOD!! I want to scream about this book from the rooftops because everyone needs to go read it asap."

Reader Reviews

- goodreads reviewer

"I picked up this book after a couple of booksta friends were raving about it and I'm so happy that I did! Wickedly funny with hidden attraction and endearing characters. What more can you need?"

Reader Reviews

- goodreads reviewer

"Don't be fooled by the cutesy cover, this book has some steam."

Reader Reviews

- goodreads reviewer

 "This was the cutest Halloween themed friends to lovers book ever!" 

Reader Reviews



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